Growing in faith extends beyond classroom learning. We grow as disciples of Jesus Christ when we experience faith in action through Catholic retreats, service opportunities, and faith-based experiences or activities.

The FIAT program introduces youth to a variety of faith-based experiences and then allows them to choose opportunities that best suit their own personal interests. Each student must complete six FIATs per year with at least one from each category; and the remaining three are the student’s choice.

All students registered in our Youth Ministry Program must complete their FIATs each year as these are considered classroom hours. Know that the FIAT Oppportunities list provided, however, is not exhaustive. If you have an idea that you think qualifies as a FIAT, please contact Child and Family Minister, Sandi Dhein at [email protected] or [email protected].

Students must account for their FIATs on a yearly basis by completing the FIAT Reporting Sheet. These are due May 1st of each year. Completed forms may be turned into our Faith Formation Coordinator, Sandi Dhein, during classes, or mailed to the Parish Office.

FIAT Categories:

Parish Service FIAT

FIATs in this category are direct services within our home parish. This may include involvement like being a regular Greeter, Altar server or Lector at Masses or volunteering to help at a parish event.

Community Service FIAT

FIATs in this category are services that are in support of our community. These may include things such as Breakfast on the Farm, serving meals at soup kitchens or organized group clean-ups.

Youth Retreat FIAT

Retreat FIATs are student attendance at faith-based youth retreats organized within or outside of our parish.


See the Parent Resources page for links to additioanl FIAT details and forms.