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Dear Families,

Peace be with you.  Due to growing concerns over COVID19/Coronavirus, and with respect to the Slinger School District suspending classes, the Tri-Parish community of Resurrection, St. Lawrence, and St Peter will also suspend all child and youth formation classes and activities until after Easter. 

This suspension includes all religious education/faith formation classes (K-12th grade), First Communion Retreat, Friends & Frappes, the Passion Play Practice and Performance.

After Easter we will reassess the current situation, as well as the advice being offered by our public health officials to determine when it is advisable to resume child and youth activities.  We will remain in contact with you through email for the purpose of updates and family friendly spiritual activities.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of uncertainty. Know that we are praying for your family every day, stay well and joyful in the Lord. 

As you continue your Lenten Journey, please pray for all affected by the impact of coronavirus. If you choose to stay home from Mass, encourage one another through prayer together at home.  Your priests remember you at each Mass even if you are not there.

We look forward to worshipping as a community again soon.


Religious Education Program

Religious Education Teachers and Aides: Catechesis is a responsibility of the entire faith community and is entrusted to every baptized Catholic. We are in need of adults of any age, willing to share and pass on their faith to our elementary, middle school and high school students. If you are interested in assisting our parish as a religious education teacher or aide, or have questions about these roles, please contact Linda Heinecke at 262-629-1500.

Religious Education Policies

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