Disciple Maker Formation

About Our Child and Youth Programs

The Disciple Maker Formation Program is offered in our Cluster Parishes of Resurrection (Allenton) St. Lawrence (Hartford) and St. Peter (Slinger).

The 2023-2024 Registration Forms, Calendars and Parent Handbook are available on the Parent Resources page.

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2023-2024 Program Information

The Cluster Formation Schedule for the 2023-2024 School Year follows. Keep in mind that if any offering does not have enough registrations or catechists to make it viable, we may ask you to make a different choice.

Elementary Program

  • Sundays at St. Peter (4k-5th) from 9-10:15 am or Mondays at Resurrection (5k-5th) 5:45-7pm 
  • 25 sessions 
  • Some days will have a family component where parents will be asked to attend with their children
  • First Communions for 2nd grade -Apr 27/28 and May 4/5 (date chosen at individual orientation)
  • Watch for additional family events during the year.

Middle School (MS) / High School (HS)

  • Classes will either be Learn it! or Live it! focused. Either learning our faith or living our faith, stressing the importance of Formation, Prayer, Retreat, Service, and participating in Community as being vital to faith development.
  • Summer formation Learn it! at St. Peter Aug 21-24 (week 1) and Aug 28-31 (week 2)
    • MS 12:30-4pm - Weeks 1 and 2 -Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    • HS 8-11:30am - One week only, choose either week 1 or week 2 - Monday-Thursday
    • MS and HS summer students will still participate in fall and winter live it! nights.
    • Registration deadline for summer formation is June 15, 2023
  • Traditional formation sessions will be Sunday evenings at St. Lawrence.
    • MS 5-6:30pm - Sept -April for learn it! and live it! nights.
    • HS 7-8:30pm - choose between fall (Sept - Dec) or winter (Jan -Apr) for learn it! nights. Students will participate live it! nights in fall and winter.

** 11th grade - Confirmation will be in March. Candidates should choose the summer or fall session and will not participate in winter Live it! nights. Both will still participate in fall Live it! nights. Please see the confirmation calendar for special confirmation dates and activities. ** 

As students gain a greater understanding of their faith, we want to teach them to live their faith in a sustainable way, thus transitioning into more ways to engage their faith. 

  • MS students will have 12 Learn it! and 6 Live it! opportunities.
  • HS students will have 8 Learn it! and 10 Live it! opportunities.
  • Live it! nights will include adoration, service, fun nights, etc. Some Live it! nights will have a family component where parents will be asked to attend along with their children.
  • Parents will be asked to volunteer to support Live it! nights. Safe Environment training will be offered for those who are not already certified.
  • There will be occasional activities that do not naturally happen on Sunday evenings, such as retreat(s), Youth Mass, Parish Service (fish fries, chili suppers, etc.) This new format is an effort to streamline formation for families, designating one night for most opportunities.
  • Students will be asked to participate in a youth retreat, Youth Mass, and at least 2 service opportunities outside of Live it! nights. Completion of the year will include submitting a year end summary form indicating what they participated in and a brief reflection explaining something they learned or did during the year that strengthened their relationship with Jesus. We will no longer utilize the FIAT program.
  • Missed Learn it! lesson make-up material will be sent home if available.
  • Missed Live it! opportunity make-ups will include additional service, adoration or other suggested activity depending on the night.

Family Program

  • Sundays at St. Peter from 9-10:15 am
  • Meets while younger siblings can be in Sunday School.
  • Large group lesson with MS/ HS/ Adult breakout discussions.
  • Meets for 12 Learn it! and 6 Live it! opportunities that are mostly family focused.
  • Youth participate in youth retreat, Youth Mass, and service.
  • Complete year-end summary as noted above

Programs may be limited due to Catechist availability. Please give prayerful consideration to becoming a Catechist. It is an opportunity to enhance your own knowledge while teaching others.

If you are interseted, we encourage you to reach out to Kaylyn at formation@st peterslinger.org to ask any questions you may have.

The Be A Saint Newsletter is your monthly resource for Faith Formation in the Disciple Maker Formation program serving Resurrection, St. Lawrence and St. Peter Parishes.  It highlights opportunities for all ages - child through adult.


Contact: Kaylyn Krebs, Formation Secretary
Phone: 262-644-8083 ext. 2211
Email: [email protected]