Sacred Images in our Church


As occasionally we hear people ask who they are and why they are presented for us to see, we thought it might be helpful and inspiring to know more about them.  Each has participation in the story of St. Margaret Mary and devotion the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the original name for the church facility in which we worship together as Resurrection Catholic Church (formed over 25 years ago during 1997 merger of Ss. Peter and Paul, Nenno, St. Anthony, Allenton, and Sacred Heart, Allenton).

East side, farthest from sanctuary:  
St. Gertrude (feast day November 16) – Had many mystical and supernatural visions of Christ, and wrote a series of books and popular prayers about them that helped spread devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

East side, nearest the sanctuary:
St. John the Evangelist (feast day December 27) – Leaned against the heart of Jesus at the Last Supper, stood at the foot of His Cross on Good Friday to see his heart pierced by a lance, accepted Mary, the Mother of Christ, into his care like a son would care for his own, forever called the Beloved Disciple, closest to the heart of Our Lord.

East side, wall niche near front:
Sacred Heart of Jesus (first Fridays) – This statue depicting St. Margaret Mary’s vision is accompanied by her first-class relic.

West side, farthest from sanctuary:
St. Claude de Columbiere (feast day February 15) – Was St. Margaret Mary’s confessor and, as such, was privy to her first-hand accounts of her visions of Christ exposing His Sacred Heart to her; instituted the devotions and the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in accord with the third of the special revelations she received (this scene is depicted in on the lower church hall’s north wall & in one of our east side stained glass windows).

West side, nearest the sanctuary:
St. John Eudes (feast day August 19) – Founded seminaries in France as well as a fine religious community devoted to reclaiming and caring for penitent, wayward and fallen women; he helped St. Margaret Mary establish devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.