Adult Formation

The Theology of the Body: What is the Meaning and Purpose of My Life? How Do I Find Happiness and Fulfillment?

Thursdays, May 12 - June 2
6:30-8:30 p.m. at St. Lawrence School, Room F
Register by May 10: Call 262-305-7399 or email Sandi Dhein.

Unfold God's amazing plan for you and for all of humanity. Discover the extraordinary Catholic teaching known as the Theology of the Body. It will give you a revolutionary and fulfilling vision for life, as it offers a new way to authentically see yourself, your faith, your relationships and your world.

Given to us by Saint John Paul II, the Theology of the Body is renewing marriages, awakening vocations, healing deep personal wounds, and setting people free to live the life of greatness to which we are called. If you desire to live out the fullest meaning and purpose of your life, then join us for this amazing discovery! and The Chosen

FORMED provides Catholic content from more than 75 organizations to help Catholics explore their faith from anywhere. They have collections that include programs (like the entire series of Bishop Robert Barron's "Catholicism"), Catholic movies (stories of saints), videos for children (such as Brother Francis animated videos), audio (CD's of talks from Lighthouse Catholic Media), and even books to read (writings of the Pope) available direct to our browser, mobile or connected device. The parish pays the subscriptioin fees so all of us as parishioners can watch for freeAll you need to do is sign up under St. Peter. Go to

The Chosen is a television show about the Life of Christ, and it is being praised for its accurate and engaging storytelling. The Chosen is free to watch online at or The Chosen app on your phone. Click here for more information about the program.


A place to encounter Jesus and learn how to live, know, and share our Catholic faith. This opportunity is offered by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Office of Evangelization & Catechesis, and is funded by the Catholic Stewardship Appeal. GalileeU Sessions are free of charge, with the exception of longer GalileeU Retreat Experiences. GalileeU sessions are offered through three main "tracks" of deeper formation: Living our Faith, Knowing our Faith, and Sharing our Faith. Learn more by visiting the GalileeU webpage.

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The Gift of Sunday

Sunday Belongs to God: Begin the Easter season with a beautiful and practical booklet of reflections on how Sunday is a great gift for us. Explore how you might live out that gift in your everyday life. Booklets available at church or from this link.

The Gift of Sunday Lenten Mission was held on Wed., March 3, 2021. Following are links to some of the recorded sessions.

The Gift of Sunday is a theological reflection published with the ecclesiastical approval of Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki, for use in catechesis and prayerful reflection with the People of God in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

The theological reflection is accompanied by a study guide that can be used for personal study or for a small group discussion.  It includes outlines for five sessions.